Meteorologists promise cooler weather in Latvia this weekend

In the past couple of days weather in Latvia was dictated by a wide anticyclone active above Russia. This meant warm and sunny weather and air temperatures up to +28° C. However, next week’s weather will be dictated by cyclones, which will bring cold and rainy weather, according to Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

For the weekend weather will be mostly cloudy. Many areas will experience rainfall and even thunderstorms with heavy rainfall. Atmospheric pressure will increase Sunday and rain will calm down.

Wind will blow from the east and south-east Friday, 14 May. Wind temperature will reach 15 m/sec. Wind speed is expected to be low on the weekend.

Air temperature at night will not drop below +7° C… +12° C. Daytime air temperature will reach +14° C… +19° C (+9° C… +13° C along the coast).

Meteorologists note a new cyclone will pass through Latvia in the first half of next week, bringing rain and even thunderstorms. Wind speed will be slow, but its speed will become strong during thunderstorms. Minimal air temperature at night will be at +7° C… +13° C. Maximum daytime air temperature will be +17° C… +22° C.

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